Annual Economics Seminar 2022-23 is here!

With just about a month to go until the Annual Economics Seminar, here is a glimpse on what Sem is, what you can expect this year, and some of the exciting papers awaiting you!

The theme for the Annual Economics Seminar this year is Delta (δ) which means change. It is a comprehensive collection of diverse topics in the field of economics. In economic terms this loosely means variation of a variable or function or a difference between two things or values. However, a special factor is that the seminar covers interdisciplinary topics and from allied fields as well such as the Real and Nominal terms of looking at inflation, the Sri Lanka Crisis and even venturing into space exploration. This allows BSc as well as BA students to ideate beyond their respective fields. The theme fits the motive as the last two years have been like an obstacle for the education sector. However, The Purple Revolution and the New education policy are reassuring factors that India is gradually progressing, regaining its power, re-developing and attendees can look forward to boosting their knowledge on these topics at the EcoSem. The experience of being a part of the seminar helps students to focus on the practical application of topics covered in classroom discussions and overall the process was smooth too. It was not without its problems as it’s always a constant challenge to coordinate between writers and professors but from an outsiders point of view it was managed well. The process for the Final Draft is finally underway with writers bringing in their A-game. A workshop on ‘How to write a research paper’ which was open to all was held recently on the 16th of December to clarify last minute doubts and teach aspiring writers. 

From the Sem Team- The editorial team comprises of Aameya Kulkarni as the Editor-in-Chief along with Aditi Prakash (TYBA), Sneha Anand (TYBA), Harshita Dubey (TYBA) , Joanna John (SYBA), and Gauri Mhaslekar (SYBA) as the editors.

Post an interview with the editors and their overall experience many facts were brought to light. Some of the challenges the editors faced were the transition from online to offline as their way of communicating became different. The earlier method of using surveys has now been replaced by coordinating with professors which has been a relatively easier setup for them.In this transition, they also noticed and gave importance to the challenges faced by the Writers. They shared that many did not have experience writing research papers following which a workshop on Research Paper writing and presentation was organized by Aameya, the Editor in Chief of EcoSem on 16th December, 2022. A majority of the writers also faced problems while doing the Regression and Quantitative part of the research paper in which the professors then guided the writers and suggested possible solutions. 

The Annual Economics Seminar is being held on the 21st and 22nd of January at the beautiful St. Xavier’s Villa, Khandala. The entire Sem team is expecting and eagerly awaiting a huge footfall. After two years of being online, it would truly be a pleasure to see writers physically present their papers on a podium in front of a huge crowd which would help them overcome their stage fear which would not have been possible in an online forum.

Three months of hard work and dedication are elements enough to support the seminar team. Mark the calendars for some out of the box learning!

Note from the Head & Editor-in-Chief of EcoSem (Aameya Kulkarni)

We chose Delta (δ) as the theme for EcoSem this year, as it represents change – a very important dimension of study in Economics. Every year EcoSem’s primary goal is to act as a sandbox-like environment to introduce students to the world of research. I always had a great experience writing and presenting at EcoSem and aim to carry forward this practice over to the upcoming years.

This project has been a uniquely compelling challenge for the Sem Team and I, as we had to deal with students who had limited knowledge on Research, due to a lack of exposure to this activity in the previous years. However, I am extremely pleased to note that the Team rose to the occasion and was able to help their writers out and challenge their energy and enthusiasm in the right direction.

I view this year as a transitional phase between the Online and an Offline setup. Which is why, the theme of Delta (δ) was quite fitting to the nature of EcoSem this year. Ideally, a good experience for writers this year is paramount, as this will largely affect the forthcoming years of Offline EcoSem. This year we were delighted to also receive help from the Professors. Every writer had the opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from our Professors at the Department of Economics. This process helped them gain insights from our staff who are proficient researchers in their respective fields. We are really grateful to have their guidance for writers throughout the process.

As Head, I am chuffed to see the response we receive from the writers when I interact with them during the Workshop and the review process. We would not be able to achieve this, if it wasn’t for the cooperation of all the actors present, be it our Team, the Writers and the Professors. Which is why, I believe that if one possesses a lot of curiosity in Economics and needs the right direction to get started in research, the EcoSem is a fantastic place to start. I hope the Writers will have a great time presenting their ideas to an audience this January and wish them the very best on their research journey! 


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