Signing Off – Team Declassified 2022-23

Economics Declassified has been no less than a rollercoaster.

The entire Declassified team has given their countless hours to this publication, prioritizing it over pretty much everything else. But the question remains: Why?

The answer is the importance of Declassified’s role in this campus. There has never been a day when we haven’t felt the weight of the work we do, and the impact that the Declassified can have on its readers. This year alone, we’ve put together incredible articles, debatable, interviews, presented three e-newsletters, organised a Budget Workshop, started the Guest Writer Programme – Ecognisance for students across the globe to present their ideas and introduced bite sized content to make tougher Economic concepts easier for all.  

Top (L-R): Ikshita Jain, Aman Kayal (Editor-in-Chief), Khushi Shah

Bottom (L-R): Aashni Rebello, Ruth D’souza, Atiyah Krishnan

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (Aman Kayal):

As I reach the end of my term as the Editor-in-Chief of the Economics Declassified, on behalf of the editorial team and myself, I would like to say goodbye to our authors and readers.

As the Editor-in-Chief, I am grateful to the dedicated and wonderful people I was lucky enough to be surrounded by in the entire academic year. My editorial cartoonist team, team of permanent writers and most of all, the managing editors team (Ikshita, Ruth, Aashni, Khushi and Atiyah) were fearless in their ambitions to improve the sections, working incredibly hard to mentor their writers and make our Declassified better. I am so proud to have worked alongside y’all and to call many of you my close friends.

Over the course of the past few months, I’ve thought a lot about what the future of Economics Declassified will look like. There’s no telling what the team will have accomplished by this time next year, or in the coming few years.

But when I think about the FYs and SYs who have proven themselves to be some of our most talented writers and editors yet, I’m sure that the future of Declassified is in safe hands.

I also know I will miss Declassified, and my team, more than I’m willing to admit. Thank you for making it so hard to say goodbye.

I would like to conclude by expressing my satisfaction and gratitude. I thank the Department of Economics and EcoCircle for their faith in us during this period, the authors for their contribution and the readers for their criticism and encouragement.

The opportunity to serve the Economics Declassified and its members has been an honour and privilege we shall never forget.

Thank you very much!

Signing Off,

Team Economics Declassified 2022-23


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