Economics Declassified is the Official Newsletter of the Department of Economics, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai.

Its purpose will be to serve as a one stop shop for everything economics; containing everything from links to other interesting blog posts, roundups of ‘current’ affairs, excerpts from interviews, explanations of challenging things we learn in class and of course, pieces written by both students and faculty.

We are pleased to announce The Editorial Board for the Academic Year 2022-23.


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Aman Kayal (TYBA)

Interested in EVs & entrepreneurship, Aman is a friendly person who can’t live his life without Starbucks. He lives each day by his to-do lists & wants things to be done systematically. Research and Development Economics are the two things he is passionate about.


Ikshita Jain - Editor

Ikshita Jain (TYBA)

A passionate student of economics and statistics, Ikshita is your go-to person to obsess with, over any and every Netflix show- be it dramas, educational shows or environmental documentaries. A vehement foodie at heart and a dedicated member of the ‘Business Reads’ book club, she is a chronic procrastinator who loves to plan.

Ruth D'souza-Editor

Ruth D’souza (TYBA)

A problem solver and explorer, Ruth loves to deviate from conventional and dictated solutions. An old soul in a youthful personality, she tries to find a balance between the new and the old and enjoys writing about the utility of economics in everyday life.


Aashni Rebello - Editor

Aashni Rebello (SYBA)

Aashni’s opportunity cost of reading ‘The Economic Times’ is going to the gym. She absolutely loves reading and you can inflate her ego by telling her that Jeffrey Archer wants to get in touch with her. A banker in the making, she believes strategic investing can turn one’s life around.


Khushi Shah - Editor

Khushi Shah (SYBA)

Besides spamming Twitter feeds with witty words, Khushi is a marketing enthusiast who can monetise anything with her compelling creativity!


Atiyah Krishnan - Editor

Atiyah Krishnan (SYBA)

Atiyah is a K-Pop enthusiast with a keen interest in behavioral economics and internet mysteries!

Staff In-Charge 

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Prof. Manali Pawar