Economics Declassified is the Official Newsletter of the Department of Economics, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai.

Its purpose will be to serve as a one stop shop for everything economics; containing everything from links to other interesting blog posts, roundups of ‘current’ affairs, excerpts from interviews, explanations of challenging things we learn in class and of course, pieces written by both students and faculty.

We are pleased to announce The Editorial Board for the Academic Year 2021-22.


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Saloni Vichare (TYBA)

A balance between optimision and rationalism, Saloni is perpetually in action. She’s passionate about people, life, stories, dance, economics, business and solving problems – of any kind. She believes that her system of life resembles Marine Drive and has an interesting analogy associated with it.


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Nisha Gokhale (TYBA)

Nisha is an avid reader and loves all things quant. She is passionate about music, dance and animal rights.


Ashna Ranade (TYBA)

Interested in finance & entrepreneurship, Ashna is the perfect balance between being a procrastinator and a busy bee. She lives each day by her to-do lists & planners. Research and impact are the two things she is passionate about. An art enthusiast, you will find her going to art galleries and museums alone, curating playlists, and painting all day.

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Drishti Rana (TYBA)

Being an economics and psych student, I am inclined towards understanding decision making within the realm of finance and investment. Owing to the fascination with the mechanism of human psyche, I take pleasure in traversing ideas advanced by theorists, and philosophers or just having a good read( mostly Kafkaesque/mystery). Apart from that, I write, I paint, and do whatever entices the heart.

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Kripa Jalan (SYBA)

I’m Kripa, an Economics enthusiast who loves to do anything with numbers. You’ll catch me playing sports or just having coffee/food with my friends and still I’ll be running around all over the place, with a witty sense of humor. Nonetheless, someone who’s looking to expand their economics horizon and someone who is always down to help with absolutely anything!

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Samarth Khanduri (SYBA)

I am a finance and business enthusiast with a knack for writing on the most abstract economic ideas. I find myself in the constant struggle of achieving a balance between having too much to do and being an unproductive sloth. Nevertheless, a gritty attitude and an ability to multitask is always there to help!

Staff In-Charge 

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Prof. Manali Pawar