Declassified is the Official Newsletter of the Economics Circle of the St. Xavier’s College (Mumbai).

Its purpose will be to serve as a one stop shop for everything economics; containing everything from links to other interesting blog posts, roundups of ‘currency’ affairs, excerpts from articles, explanations of challenging things we learn in class and of course, pieces written by both students and faculty.


We are pleased to announce The Editorial Board and Writer’s Team for the Academic Year 2016-17


Diksha Nawany (TYBA)


Shreya pinto de Andrade (TYBA)

Poorva Prabhu (TYBA)

Sharvari Patwardhan (SYBA)

Tejas Mehta (SYBSc)


Kavya Ravindranath (TYBA)

Sai Pitre (TYBA)

Vrushti (TYBA)

Varada Shrotri (TYBA)

Mugdha Kinjawadekar (TYBA)

Shivani Kokate (SYBA)

Palak Agarwal (FYBA)

Sreekar Challa (FYBA)

Shubhangi Gupta (SYBSc)