Annual Economics Seminar 2020-21 is here!

With just a few days to go until the Seminar, here is the complete brochure on what Sem is, what you can expect this year, and the incredible lineup of papers awaiting you!

The 24th Annual Lalit Doshi Memorial Lecture

The Eco-Circle invites you to the 24th Annual Lalit Doshi Memorial Lecture. This year’s esteemed speaker is Dr. Ashok Dalwai, Chief Executive Officer (National Rainfall Area Authority, Delhi) and Chairman (Doubling Farmers’ Income, Ministry of Agriculture Government of India). Join us tomorrow, to learn more about Farmer Welfare and Income Revolution from the expert himself. Date-…

The Arthniti 2018-19 is out!

The Arthniti 2018-19 The Economics department is just on the verge of publishing its annual journal, the Arthniti, and we’re here to give you a sneak peek of what to look out for! This year’s Arthniti explores a wide variety of ideas and topics, ranging from outer space to the upcoming elections. Look out for…

The Brochure for Seminar’19 is here!

With less than a day to go for Seminar’19, we know you are beaming with excitement! Here is the complete brochure for the three days. Click here for the Seminar’19 Brochure! Pack your bags and get ready!

Snippets of what’s in store at Seminar’19

Greetings! Here’s a look into some of the exciting papers to be presented this year. Deeply rooted as it is, is the annihilation of caste the only cure to getting rid of manual scavenging? Or can we as a nation look at shorter and more viable solutions like automation and rehabilitation to eradicate this evil?…

More glimpses of Khandala’19

Greetings! Here’s a sneak peek of what to look forward to at Khandala’19 Let us know what you are looking forward to at Khandala’19, and keep the excitement going!

More glimpses into Seminar’19

Greetings! As we get closer to Seminar’19, here are some more papers to give you a flavour of what to expect. Think of poverty and you imagine wasted, gaunt bodies with showing ribs and sunken eyes. Have you ever imagined a poor with a pudgy face and a paunch? Poverty can have diverse outcomes and…

What’s in store at Seminar’19?

Still don’t know what you will get to experience at Seminar’19? Well, here’s a sneak peak! Stay Tuned! More to come soon… Have a story from last Sem? Let us know in the comments below!